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At Illizeo, with our experience in human resources, we have decided to create software for you that meets all of our users’ expectations. You work on software made and implemented by HR experts just like you and you feel it.
It makes you happier, allows you to focus on the essentials and that is our goal.

Illizeo About us

Our Approach to HR is Centered Around Learning & Growing With our customers


Our Founder

Wilfrid Dusseaux created Illizeo because he wanted companies to benefit from a real software asset for their human resources. He wanted to create a product that customers could learn quickly and easily while being super efficient and affordable in terms of cost.
It is what he did and which makes today the success of Illizeo.

Illizeo Wilfrid Dusseaux
Our culture

Our Culture

Our values at Illizeo are not dictated by announcement effects, illusory road maps or commercial discourse aimed at taking a large part of your turnover from you.
At Illizeo, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we think like them, we communicate with them and we respect them. And we do it because at Illizeo, the employees are respected and are happy. Which springs to their state of mind.

What We Do Best

Our Product

Of course, we are a software publisher and we are also experts in the HR function in all areas; We create an HR environment and modeled processes to allow you to carry out your human resources more easily and with peace of mind so that you can focus on the essentials – your employees and your business, whatever the size of your organization.

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