Illizeo Workflows & Approvals

Customize workflows and approval processes according to your organization

Workflows & Approvals Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Speed and accuracy of approvals

Validators directly approve applicants’ requests based on roles on a regular basis and without delay.

Fluidity of processes

Validators can easily approve requestor queries with just a few clicks.

All the useful information centralized

Managers have a clear view of their team’s vacation schedule. The absences of each employee can be viewed at a glance depending on the role.

The right role: The right approver

You who choose the authorization processes that you want to define for your Organization. Illizeo sends reminders, eliminating any blockages.

Roles limit your employees' access

You clearly define the access rights of each employee, to avoid unpleasant surprises when consulting HR data

Save time

Validator requests waste a lot of your time. Delegate to managers.

Secure confidential data

By defining the role of each employee and their access rights

Focus on the essentials

Assign Roles and define the alerts you want

There’s no substitute for hands–on experience. Try it yourself—free for 30 days.

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