Illizeo FAQ

Choosing new human resources software requires finding the essential answers. We put some answers at your disposal and for the rest, we are available on +41 78 669 05 65

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Is Illizeo a PEO

Illizeo is an integrated and modeled HR software suite.

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We are not an outsourcing provider. We provide you with quality and modeled HR tools that help HR professionals to perform in the best possible way, all the tasks of the human resources function. For example using Illizeo, a single person can use Illizeo, integrate new recruits, manage salaries, manage Performance, time management and we will offer you more and more useful features to manage your daily life.

How much does Illizeo cost?

Illizeo pricing varies depending on the number of employees at your organization and the features you select.

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To get a free price quote, call +41 78 669 05 65 or visit our website.

Does Illizeo do payroll?


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Illizeo has its own preliminary payroll solution that allows you to transmit the data collected to your local payroll provider, regardless of your location, without having to copy twice and this reduces the risk of errors.
Your salaries will therefore be easier and faster.
Depending on your country, in addition to your historical salary provider, Illizeo also offers 2 calculated salary solutions:
– Illizeo calculated salaries
– Salaries made by our preferred service provider (Example: Earny.ch for Switzerland)
Either way, you’ll also benefit from comprehensive payroll reports, and top-notch customer support.
You can find out more by visiting the different pages of our site or by phone at +41 78 669 05 65

Where can I find my contract with Illizeo?

Your Illizeo service is strictly month-to-month. There is no contract, and you can cancel at any time.

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You will find your invoices in your personal space

Who is my dedicated account manager?

Our experts are available to help you.

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They are well trained and able to solve any problem. You can call them on +41 78 669 05 65 between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday or visit our help center to find an answer in our help pages.

Where’s my data housed?

Data from Illizeo customers are hosted in Switzerland. However, depending on the location and the needs of individual clients and applicable laws we may be able to apply different accommodation, just contact us to set it up.

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All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. In addition, the data center located in Switzerland meets all data requirements of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Switzerland. (GDPR)

How many countries is Illizeo in?

Illizeo is based in Switzerland and serves customers in over 100 countries.

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We have configured Illizeo country specific for over 100 countries. If your country is not yet in our database, 2 solutions, either you use the customizable fields provided, or you contact us so that we can set up your country in Illizeo.

What are the main features of Illizeo

Illizeo manages Human Resources data. 

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We help companies manage their employees across all areas of the Human Resources function. All the functionalities are detailed through the pages of the site. We invite you to visit them.

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