Illizeo Payroll

Manage the payroll of your employees in a single organized and secure HR software.

Provisional Payroll For All Countries Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Centralized payroll data for All Countries

All salary data is in Illizeo and you no longer run after it.
Once validated, you can automatically transfer them to your local salary software and generate your salaries without re-entering them.

Employee data always up to date

We have created the different sections with the necessary fields

Save time thanks to fully integrated modules

All the information coming from the different modules allows the constitution of salaries. Illizeo allows the transmission of the data necessary for this to be fair (Time, Bonus, Personal data, etc.). Your employees will be able to find their salaries in their personal space

Employee data always up to date

Employees or managers can easily modify personal data and the validator can approve them. Illizeo will then automatically highlight the changes made in the provisional payroll data and you will be certain of the information transmitted.

Calculated Payroll Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Swiss Calculated Payroll

To date, our customers can subscribe to the payroll calculated in Switzerland through our preferred partner.

Our partner on Swiss Payroll

We have chosen the best Payroll Solution to be one of our preferred partners in Switzerland.
This Solution is Swissdec certified and will therefore meet all expectations in terms of Swiss payroll.
We take care of setting up the environment. You will only choose your plan which allows you to manage your salaries on your own or by letting us manage your salaries.

Salary management for SMEs and Swiss startups

For small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, to manage their Swiss salary. No hidden costs, no hassle.

Why choose Illizeo + Our Payroll Solution Partner?

If you went through an accountant who would cost you between 30 and 60 chf per month, you would also be bound to several hours of unnecessary transmissions and checks with the Illizeo + Payrol Software solution. By combining the 2 tools you cover the entire value chain that your business needs

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