Improve employee performance without the pain.

Performance Management Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Grow your employees at the same time as you

Unlock the potential of your employees and motivate them by organizing regular performance reviews with them from Illizeo.

Performance evolution

Implement performance cycles for the entire company or for specific teams and track progress. Managers and employees are then invited to carry out the evaluations and can organize meetings in this context without involving HR.

Exchange of comments

Create modeled feedback forms that ensure a fair and consistent performance review for everyone.

Define clear objectives and areas for improvement

Set qualitative and quantitative goals, and monitor their achievement. When the objectives are linked to a bonus, the results are automatically transmitted to the payroll department.

Continuous evaluation comments

Give employees the opportunity to comment and document every detail throughout the employee life cycle.

Centralized comments

Collect all information securely for a more transparent process, better performing and more satisfied employees.

Secure confidential data

By defining the role of each employee and their access rights


You can organize meetings. All the appointments you create in Illizeo are easily added to your calendar.

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