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Manage all the sensitive data of your employees in a single organized and secure HR software.

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Illizeo offers you up to 1 month free to make choosing your HR software much easier. Our plans specially designed according to the daily life of our customers allow you to better manage the activity of your company and your main values: your employees.

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People Profile

Bye bye filing cabinets, Hello secure & centralized employee data.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Because integration is a step that should not be missed & the departure of an employee is important for everyone

Time Management

Track the hours in Attendance &

Ask for absences in Absences


Data managed in Illizeo and transmitted to local providers or Well paid in Illizeo

Document management

Store your corporate documents &

Generate your documents


Simple and fast follow-up until payment

Performance Management

Better manage the future of your business – Your Employees

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We support you in the implementation of the Illizeo solution

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Illizeo secures in a single database and organizes all employee information during their life cycle in the company to help you manage your human resources on a daily basis. This is why Illizeo supports you on Integration, administrative management, performance, expense reports, absences, attendance and reduces the time allocated to these tasks to focus on the essential: Your Employees

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All-In-One HR Software

Illizeo is built for all size businesses by human resources experts who like you know your needs. Illizeo questions itself and provides regular updates.


Unique and centralized personal data

For any change in Illizeo affecting data and depending on the authorizations you give, employees can update the system themselves. These data will be validated by a validation workflow.
The changes will be highlighted clearly and simply in Illizeo so that you can control the data before going forward in the salaries and you do not miss any important information.

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Onboarding Illizeo

Onboarding / Offboarding

The onboarding process is crucial in the first impression you make of your business. Illizeo allows you to stand out in this important process with the implementation of forms and other processes allowing better integration with the new hire, but also the employees involved. This will give the necessary confidence in the company and the onboarding process will be successful.

As departures are also an important step in the life of the employee and the vision of those who remain, Illizeo also supports you in the same way


In a reliable and precise manner, with Illizeo you will collect and monitor the payroll data of your employees in order to establish fair preliminary pay slips.

Illizeo makes paying wages easier and also integrates with your local payroll providers around the world.

Payroll Illizeo
Illizeo Absences Management

Time Management

Illizeo allows you to manage time in your organization.
The Absences module will allow employees to make a request and it will be accepted through the validation process that you decide.

Illizeo also allows you to manage the attendance of your employees and to assign projects for better follow-up of re-invoicing.

Performance Management

Illizeo helps you create a corporate culture where people feel valued and supported. we allow you to manage objectives, maintenance and continuous performance comments through forms and you can directly link the objectives to the bonuses transmitted in the salaries of your employees.

Illizeo Performance Management
Expenses Illizeo


Manage your employees’ expense reports in one place

Illizeo also relieves you of expense reports! Your employees simply add their expense reports from their personal space manually or with OCR recognition of documents. The expense report is then approved through the validation Wokflow. You can choose to pay it by bank transfer or add it automatically to the salaries of the current month.

Illizeo is here to help you do real HR. We will reduce the time you spend on tasks with no added value, reduce your paper consumption and facilitate validations. Salary, employee, performance, time management information … and many other job-related information will be tracked in Illizeo, Illizeo is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use HR software that you have never tested.

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