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Illizeo Packaging

Each Organization works differently. Illizeo understands this and allows you to easily and clearly choose what your offer will consist of.
You will be better equipped to take care of your employees and achieve your goals.

Illizeo About us

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Illizeo offers you a 30-day free trial until your subscription.

The detail of our offer is detailed in your company space and starts at 2.88 per employee

The details of our offer will be easier to read in your Illizeo space in order to have the right information.
No bad surprises, we don’t ask you for a credit card number when you initialize your trial period, you can test quietly and decide whether or not to subscribe.
Our offer is without subscription, however you can commit over 12 months to benefit from a 5% discount

Illizeo GDPR

We are GDPR

Illizeo is fully compliant with GDRP rules. You can rely on our experts.


There’s no substitute for hands–on experience. Try it yourself—free for 30 days.

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